pexels-photo-340926Challenges at work come with the territory. At times the issues you face are “off the map” and you become aware of gaps in your knowledge and skills that limit your performance.

It often happens at a time of rapid change, such as a promotion at work, or when the business grows or changes. In such times, an executive coach works with you to take stock of a situation and, through a process of non-judgmental listening and questioning, helps you to develop insights and to decide on the right approach for you to take. Follow-up meetings, usually at weekly intervals, provide support and encouragement.

In this way, you are given expert assistance and guidance while walking the difficult path, with a goal to learning and growing during the process.

What happens in the process?

The set up

pexels-photo-886465The first step is that the client, the coach and the coachee need to be clear on the reason that coaching is needed. From here, we can agree on what success looks like and how it will be measured. We will explore the benefits that may come about from the coaching process in addition to the stated aims. We agree on timings and specifically when the coaching will take place and when it will have been completed.

What preparation do you need to do?

pexels-photo-908295Prior to the first coaching session, you should think over the issues you face at work and choose three that you would like to work on. Expect to do most of the talking, and talk openly. Expect to answer lots of questions while your coach seeks to understand situations and contexts. Your coach will challenge, question, support and encourage you. You will decide on the steps you need to take, and agree a plan as to where and when these can be achieved.

What to expect

pexels-photo-297755Your coach can help you plan the points at which you will apply the techniques learned from coaching (your set-piece plays). When you come to coaching sessions you should expect to he held accountable for achieving these. Your coach will help you to anticipate issues and difficulties that may arise in the course of implementing change. Most of all, expect that things don’t always go to plan and you will face hurdles, challenges and setbacks in your journey (your coach will help you deal with these).

What is the process?

The initial face-to-face meeting—usually around 90 minutes—is to develop rapport, discuss expectations and to set goals. It is followed by three 30-minute sessions, at weekly intervals which can be face-to-face, or by Skype/phone. In each of these we will review your progress, discuss what went well and reassess the things that didn’t. In between each session, you can contact me by e-mail or phone for any questions that arise along the way.

Executive Coaching

pexels-photo-327533Executive coaching gives you with non-judgmental listening, discussing, questioning, advising, challenging, guiding and encouraging from an experienced business practitioner, trainer and facilitator. It can help you clarify what you need to do and support you in doing it. To find out more about how I can help you with a coaching program, get in touch using the contact page.

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