Mark Sutherland is a facilitator, trainer and executive coach based in Sydney. He brings extensive knowledge (academic and experienced) to engage clients and to help them achieve the results they want.

Mark was born in Singapore and grew up in Brunei, HongKong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia and Yorkshire. A career in financial services and investment began in the City of London and, following emigration in 1988, continued in Sydney. Conducting business with the HR and Finance Directors of companies of all shapes and sizes provided insights into organisations and the people who work in them. Mark also served in the British Army in Britain and in Germany.

In 2010 Mark became a trainer and facilitator and undertake coaching assignments. He has taught Leadership on the Australian Graduate Management Consortium’s M.B.A. program and Organisational Change Management for Charles Sturt University. In 2020 Mark used the opportunity presented by lockdown to finish writing “Exterminating Poverty: The true story of the eugenic plan to get rid of the poor and the Scottish doctor who fought against it,” published on 29th August 2020.

When working with groups and individuals, Mark never forgets that the work is not about “delivering a program” so much as creating, facilitating and supporting the opportunities to change.

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